Why Choose Our Practice

Green Certified

Dr. Hallman and her team are excited to share with you some pretty amazing news: We have officially been certified under the county's new Green Business Certification Program. The certificate was the first ever certification of its kind, and makes Hallman Orthodontics the first orthodontic practice in the United States to "go Green."

Hallman Orthodontics started converting about three years ago, and since then, we reduced our consumption of paper by 85%, electricity by about half and plastics by about 40%. To be certified as a green business, Dr. Hallman and team demonstrated our commitment to environmental stewardship, conservation of energy and water, carbon footprint reduction, and waste reduction and recycling.

The other changes we have implemented include using 100% recycled printer paper, giveaways that are useful and made from recycled content, the use of panoramic windows that provide excellent lights instead of overhead dental lights, and giving incentives to our employees who ride public transportation.

For more information on how Hallman Orthodontics "goes Green," please give us a call!


Three-Dimensional Imaging

Hallman Orthodontics is proud to be the only orthodontic practice in the Washington DC metro area that offers 3D imaging via our Cone Beam CT Scanner.  This technology is designed to provide our practice with the highest quality of images, giving us even more accuracy in planning our patients' treatment. In just one quick scan, we will have a full cranial, 3D scan that allows us to review multiple views and eliminates the need for numerous scans and X-rays. The ability to re-use shots endlessly from a single scan means your office visits are shorter, and we get all the images needed to effectively plan your treatment.